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  1. Jaegger

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    Hello all. A simple question ... Is there a admin part of this module ?? meaning .. for the customer who won the auction, is there a place where i can make that auction a order and send to customer ??? Am i missing something on the admin part ??? Thank you
  2. Jaegger

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    hi all. First of all thank you for this contribution .. excelent :) Now DJ for your problem that also happened to me, and please try this solution (it worked for me) 1º - Use the original ./catalog/product_info.php 2º - Do NOT replace it with the one in this package 3º - DO what is told to replace in the file in the Instalation.txt And that solved the problem to me. Thank you.
  3. Ok. Seems to me i Just fixed this problem i had. First things first ... What i whant : - Customer lifts his product in Store = $0 shipping (Local Delivery Option) - Customer wants delivery = $x per product (This contribution) The problem : - As i put a price in shipping the contribution did not let me choose any other except the the Individual shipping.. Solved (@ least i think so :) ) : .\catalog\includes\classes\shipping.php : commented : // start indvship global $language, $PHP_SELF; //global $language, $PHP_SELF, $cart; //$products = $cart->get_products();// BOF: indvship prices //$shiptotal = $this->get_shiptotal(); //$indvcount = $this->get_indvcount();// EOF: indvship prices // end indvship added : if ((tep_get_configuration_key_value('MODULE_SHIPPING_INDVSHIP_STATUS')) && ((tep_not_null($shiptotal)) || $shiptotal == 0)) { ADDED ---> $include_modules[] = array('class'=> 'dly', 'file' => 'dly.php'); $include_modules[] = array('class'=> 'indvship', 'file' => 'indvship.php'); } .\catalog\includes\classes\order.php : commented this and just added : //start indvship //echo "->" . $shipping['id'] . " = " . indvship_indvship ; //exit(); $shipping_cost = $shipping['cost']; $shipping_title = $shipping['title']; //** COMENTADO POR NBRETES //if($shipping['id']==indvship_indvship) //{ // $shipping_cost = $shipping['cost']; // $shipping_title = $shipping['title']; //} //else //{ // $shipping_cost = $shipping['cost'] + $shipping['invcost']; // if ($shipping['invcost'] > 0) { // $shipping_title = $shipping['title']. ' Plus Flat Rate Shipping'; // } else { // $shipping_title = $shipping['title']; // } //} // end indvship Hope everything is here. If someone has the same problem and this didnt solved, just tell me and ill try to help Thank you :)
  4. Hi there. Im using this contribution , wich is great by the way, also with the contribution Of the "Local Delivery Option" But im having little problem... When i put the value of the shipping in the products it makes the other shipping option desapear from the Checkout_Shipping screen . What can the the problem or how can i make it allways show all options ? Because i already did this on shipping.php : //if (($class !='freeshipper') && ($class != 'indvship')) { // comment to show all ship options if ($class !='freeshipper') { // uncomment to show all ship options and it says "This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order. " Thank you.
  5. Jaegger

    Table Rate Shipping

    Hello. Im using OsCommerce 2.2 and im having a little problem with the shipping. What i want to do is very simple, but i dont know OsCommerce very well so .. im kinda stuck here ... Ok, so What i need is : - There is a Diferent Shipping price for every product -> Solved , im using the table rate - For each product in the Cart it should multiply the shipping : - Lets say that i have a product that has a shipping that is $4 , and if i have 2 products of that one ill have a $8 shipping tax , and now its only adding One $4 tax ... - That also means for more products in the cart ... Can anyone help me on this one ? Thank you.