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  1. lishen

    Quantity Price Breaks

    I figured my above question out...but now i've got this error message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSEIF in /web/osc/includes/modules/product_listing.php on line 110 This is my code. I've added another mod..call for pricing so I'm not sure how to update it as per the install instructions. Instructions say: Find (around line 109): if (tep_not_null($listing['specials_new_products_price'])) { $lc_text = ' <s>' . $currencies->display_price($listing['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($listing['products_tax_class_id'])) . '</s> <span class="productSpecialPrice">' . $currencies->display_price($listing['specials_new_products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($listing['products_tax_class_id'])) . '</span> '; } else { $lc_text = ' ' . $currencies->display_price($listing['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($listing['products_tax_class_id'])) . ' '; } Replace With: $pf->parse($listing); $lc_text = $pf->getPriceStringShort(); This is the code that I have and am not sure how to update it. Any help would be great. case 'PRODUCT_LIST_PRICE': $lc_align = 'right'; if (tep_not_null($listing['specials_new_products_price'])) { $lc_text = ' <s>' . $currencies->display_price($listing['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($listing['products_tax_class_id'])) . '</s> <span class="productSpecialPrice">' . $currencies->display_price($listing['specials_new_products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($listing['products_tax_class_id'])) . '</span> '; } elseif ($listing['products_price'] == 999999){ $lc_text = TEXT_CALL_FOR_PRICE; } else { $lc_text = ' ' . $currencies->display_price($listing['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($listing['products_tax_class_id'])) . ' '; } break; case 'PRODUCT_LIST_QUANTITY': $lc_align = 'right'; $lc_text = ' ' . $listing['products_quantity'] . ' '; break;
  2. lishen

    Quantity Price Breaks

    I keep getting an error when I load up my store. Admin seems to be intact and working fine. Any ideas on the cause? Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class priceformatter in /web/osc/includes/classes/PriceFormatter.php on line 19
  3. lishen

    redeclare class error

    meant to be posted in a contrib support thread. please delete!
  4. I keep getting this error when I try and load up my store. My admin seems to be intact, but I got this message when I first try and load my store. Any ideas? Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class priceformatter in /web/osc/includes/classes/PriceFormatter.php on line 19
  5. lishen

    Get 1 Free

    Great contribution! Worked perfectly when I installed it. Now i'm trying to modify my promotion line in the products page and am having some trouble. I am trying to get it to read "Special Offer: Buy (# of products), Get (# of products free)." it will always be the same product that they get free so I don't really need the name of the product in the line. Here's my code: catalog/includes/english/product_info.php define('TEXT_GET_1_FREE_PROMOTION', '<b><i><font color = ffffff>Special Offer:</b> Buy %u Get %u Free!</i></font>'); catalog/product_info.php if (tep_db_num_rows($get_1_free_query) > 0) { $free_product = tep_db_fetch_array($get_1_free_query); echo '<p>' . sprintf (TEXT_GET_1_FREE_PROMOTION, $free_product['products_qualify_quantity'], $product_info['products_name'], $free_product['products_free_quantity']) . '</p>'; I'm getting this output: "Special Offer: Buy 2 Get 0 Free!" even though my promotion is set to buy 2, get 1 free. Any help would be great!