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  1. Hi everyone, I don't know if this has been addressed as this is now a 102 page thread, but I've run into a huge issue using this and possibly any other rewrite mod for the urls. I found that when rebuilding the site that has been well indexed for some time, the rewritten urls are based on the id number in the seourl table, so that the search engines hit http://domain/nicelookingurl-p-1111.html which resolves fine with the content for http://domain/NEWnicelookingurl-p-1111.html As a result the search engines get the new content with the old name (seourl uses the same number 1111 on the new product). In time this may clean it's self up, but before you wack your seourl table think twice about how the renumbering of your products will effect your seo efforts.
  2. mrbshouse

    Excel import troubles

    Clash, I hear you, but depending on the number of products you want to import EP works real well, but you may need to use the spliter to upload more than say 300 products. I've been trying to get a bit more than that loaded using the Import from Temp Dir, but have yet to get more than the file name imported to show up after clicking "insert into db"...no error or results that i can see. did you have any luck yet?
  3. iI'm in the same boat and have been looking for the answer for a while now. Trying to get 6000 products to display, and have gone so far as to change the max time out to 300, but had the same result. I hits the file, but noting goes into the db (searched for a product manufacture and came up dry) using Easy Populate 2.76-MS2 can anyone answer this question...seems to be a popular one "once the file is in the temp folder and we click insert into db, what do we need to do next and what should we see?" Thanks in advance EP rocks so far!