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    offie got a reaction from Guest in Actual Attribute Price V1.0   
    I have solved this after many hours of checking.
    The problem is in the install instructions in version 1.8. If you follow the step by step install it states in catalog/includes/functions/general.php to add before the final: ?>:

    // Actual Attribute Price function tep_adjust_price($attribute, $price) { $adjustment = ($attribute-$price); if($attribute==0) { return $adjustment; } else { return $attribute; } } // Actual Attribute Price End
    However, when I checked the files that came with the contribution which can be used for a fresh install I noticed that the general.php file had different code to add which was:

    // Actual Attribute Price function tep_adjust_price($attribute, $price) { global $currencies; $adjustment = ($attribute-$price); return $adjustment; } // Actual Attribute Price
    After I added this code instead of the step by step install instructions the contribution works as it should.
    I hope this helps anyone else who follows the step by step instructions.
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    offie got a reaction from dabvansathvon in Return from paypal losing cart products   
    I am proceeding with buying an item from my store and select "Checkout with Paypal".
    Once transferred to the paypal system I decide to Cancel and return to my site and click the appropriate link on the page which says "Cancel and return to Affordable Mobility"
    Upon doing so I return to my site ok but the cart now says "Your Shopping Cart is empty!"
    However as soon as I click any other link or product the items in my cart appear again. It has somehow initially lost the products during the transfer back
    but must know they are there somewhere as they re-appear as soon as something else is clicked.
    I have Auto return on in paypal with the return address as checkout_success.php but this should not matter as the customer has not got that far yet
    and is cancelling before paying.
    Someone else must have had this problem so please do let us know a way round this problem.
    Thank you