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  1. Hi,

    I'm having kind of the same issue with the from email on the messages, in my case the from email is showing-up as :

    my store alias name" <@cgi13.cgi13 my store alias name <customerservice@mystorename.com>


    Any hwlp will be greatly appreciated!



    Thanks for the great contribution! Easy to install (even for a newb!), and definitely expect to increase sales as a result.


    That said, I've got a few quick questions. First, while the emails are working fine, the links presented (for login, shopping cart, etc.) are all SSL enabled. Since I'm on a shared SSL, this is making for some interesting links. Is there a way to point these links to the nonSSL pages? I've tried changing all the 'SSL' to 'NONSSL' in recover_cart_sales.php, but that didn't seem to change the content.


    Also, the 'from' in the emails is a bit out of whack. They're coming through as:

    "Admin" <Admin [admin@domain.com]

    Not a huge deal, but it's screwing up any replies. Not sure why it's dropping that last '>', but ideally, I'd just like: Admin [admin@domain.com]


    Finally, I've done a lot of testing and was hoping to reset the Recover Cart Sales Report "Examined Records:" back to zero. How can I do this through myPhpAdmin?


    Sorry for all the questions, just excited about this contribution and hope to get it right!


    Thanks again.