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  1. This mod is exactly what I need for my site, however I just can't seem to get the page to load back up after installing. I'm using an install of CRELoaded 6.2 Standard and put in the individual shipping mod (excellent contribution) found as the update to V2.0 MS2.2 by Rob Fisher. The install was extremely straight forward with only one database command being needed to add the field products_ship_price to PRODUCTS along with uploading 7 files in their respective places in the directory structure. The problem comes in as although it looks like it was a smooth install on my admin page, (module is there, can add prices to products, etc.), I no longer can view any of the pages on my site. (www.mydomain.com/catalog/......) All I am getting is a blank white page for the website despite the admin pages looking like it was a clean install. :'( Any thoughts? I'm willing to Paypal $25 to whomever can help me get this straightened out. :thumbsup: The first error I received was Cannot redeclare tep_get_configuration_key_value() After renaming the function and where it is called, I receive an error not even related to the files in the install. I've even gone through the configuration stuff in my database and removed any dups. Any help you folks can provide is definitely appreciated. Thanks, Ted