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  1. ozEworks

    WEBINAR - osCommerce Design

    Yes I apologize but we had some urgent client matters to deal with. Always the way when you try and get free time during work hours!
  2. ozEworks

    WEBINAR - osCommerce Design

    That time is fine.
  3. ozEworks

    WEBINAR - osCommerce Design

    What a great idea. I would love to sit in and hear your take on this!
  4. Thanks to everyone for picking up on this. As I understand it, USPS gained their trademark registration for the terms "Priority Mail" and "Priority Mail Express" hence the change from a trademark to a registered trademark. Note that the International services are still not registered so we have that change to deal with at some time in the future. As noted above, any instances of TM for these services need to change to RM. However in some other USPS module versions, you would be changing tradmrk to regimark. And it is only matters if you actually use these services (although it makes sense for all USPS users to patch their modules). Hope this helps some poor soul in the future especially now the Add Ons are gone. I have taken the liberty of adding the zip file that Tom provided to our blog post in case it disappears from here. See https://www.ozeworks.com/usps-does-it-again/
  5. ozEworks

    When to expect osCommerce v4 release

    osCommerce has a strong connection to Ukraine it seems The ozEworks development team is also in Urkaine. SoloMono is also in Urkaine according their profile. Ми - з вами! 💕
  6. ozEworks

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Good to know!
  7. ozEworks

    google pay / express checkouts

    Google Express Checkout https://apps.oscommerce.com/pD7vn&google-checkout-module-for-oscommerce has not been updated for years. It will likely require patching for PHP and possibly changes to their API.
  8. ozEworks

    Where is templates ?

    What version are you running? What device are you having issues with? Phone, iPad, small notebook?
  9. ozEworks

    UPSXML not returning quotes

    Sorry my response was for Bermuda. Regardless that change needs to be made. We’ve made it on many sites. You are running a very old version of upsxml I think. you could try downloading the latest version available and patching it.
  10. ozEworks

    UPSXML not returning quotes

    @bermuda This line $this->host = ((MODULE_SHIPPING_UPSXML_RATES_MODE == 'Test') ? 'wwwcie.ups.com' : 'www.ups.com'); should be changed to $this->host = ((MODULE_SHIPPING_UPSXML_RATES_MODE == 'Test') ? 'wwwcie.ups.com' : 'onlinetools.ups.com'); and that should fix it. Just make sure you are editing upsxml.php and not some other older version.
  11. ozEworks

    Gift vouchers

    Very few of our clients use gift vouchers. Most use the oscommerce add on that has coupons and gift vouchers combined. But they do not use the gift vouchers component.
  12. ozEworks

    Order Editor

    Excellent. This needs to be part of the out of the box offering.
  13. ozEworks

    Loyalty or Bonus points

    Yes definitely a V4 Add On. I would charge for this one. (Very few of our customers use the currect Add On.)
  14. ozEworks

    Shipping methods

    I make the same comment as payment methods. Availability of shipping modules is a make or break deciding factor when choosing an ecommerce solution. Probably more so than payment. I believe it would be best to offer standalone and realtime. Stand alone: Flat based on order value or weight Free based on order value Table rates, as per 2.3 zones rates as per 2.3 Real Time To be truly global the ideal is to offer a real time shipping module for the country’s government carrier. So for US, is it USPS, for Canada it is Canada Post etc. At least for the top 10 osCommerce country users. You’d need to research that. Any other method that is supported by the osCommerce team should be in the box and anything in the box should be free. For USA, people need FedEx and UPS and DHL. For shipping it has to handle non-dimensional and dimensional shipping. It has to be able to configure the max weight per carrier. Freight has to be considered but anything that handles freight could be app store. These are just my random thoughts on a Saturday morning 🙂
  15. ozEworks

    Payment methods

    Availability of payment methods is a deciding factor when choosing an ecommerce solution. If we want people to use os Commerce V4 versus other open source, we need to offer as many as possible free of charge out of the box - on and offline. In principal, I think all payment modules supported by the osCommerce team themselves should be included. Any not supported by them should be in the app store. All included should be free to use. Offline needs to include Check. Online definitely needs to include Stripe.