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  1. timgaunt


    Is it possible to email all people that have points that are expiring in the next x days? Thanks. Tim
  2. timgaunt


    After a little more digging, I've found that both of these return 0: get_redemption_rules($order) get_points_rules_discounted($order) Tim
  3. timgaunt


    I suspect the code is wrong but I would apprechiate some pointers on where it might be wrong as it was working fine until recently and as far as I am aware, the code has not been changed recently.
  4. timgaunt


    I've got a similar issue to PuffDandEd here (http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php?t152746-1150.html), basically the form isn't outputting even when the user has enough points and meets the various criteria. All the values are entered too so I'm not sure what else can be missing. Any ideas? Tim
  5. Hi, I've asked this in the module's official thread but no-one's responded so I thought I would throw this out to the wider audience. I have the ## POINTS AND REWARDS MODULE V1.00 ## module installed (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3220) and it's working great with the exception of PayPal. When a transaction is put through PayPal (IPN 3.15 installed) it appears to add the pending points 3-4 times: 2-3times before the user pays and 1 time after they complete. Does anyone have any idea why this may be? TIA Tim
  6. Hi, I was wondering if there was a module already in existance that offered buy-one-get-one-half-price -across multiple categories would be a bonus. I've looked into http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4990 and it looks good but doesn't seem to offer the option of a discounted price. Tim
  7. timgaunt

    Points being added multiple times

    Anyone even got an idea on which pages to look in?
  8. timgaunt


    I've noticed that my points are added 3 times for PayPal IPN customers, is there any way around this? TIA Tim
  9. timgaunt

    Snap Card Payment Module

    Help and support forum for the OSCommerce SNAP card payment module (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,5169). What is SNAP? =========== SNAP is the prepaid payment card that enables online retailers to increase sales by attracting cash consumers who do not have a credit or debit card or are unwilling to use it online. SNAP Cards are available for FREE and consumers can top-up their cards at 20,000 locations in the UK and use it to go shopping online or transfer money to family and friends. Installation =========== Before you can use this module you will need a SNAP Merchant Account. You can apply for a SNAP Merchant Account on www.snapcard.com or by sending an email to merchant@snapcard.com. NO CODE ALTERATIONS ARE REQUIRED TO INSTALL THIS MODULE Backup everything including the catalog and database. Extract the files in this archive to the relevant locations (the location pathnames have been saved in the archive). Log onto your store, go to the Admin section and activate SNAP Card, by clicking on the red button. Enter your SNAP Merchant ID relating to your SNAP Merchant Account (i.e. the UUID). Set your server mode to "test", this will only validate and display the URL parameters supplied and will NOT perform any processing. Refer to the SNAP integration document supplied with the SNAP Merchant Account for more information. Test the installation. After thorough testing, change to the server mode to "live". Test the installation to ensure the user is redirected to the live SNAP payment gateway. Any problems, please post here. For questions regarding SNAP and opening a Merchant Account, please contact merchant@snapcard.com. Tim
  10. timgaunt

    Contribution Development

    I should have added -I'm expecting to pay for this work :thumbsup:
  11. timgaunt

    Contribution Development

    Hi, I need a contribution for a payment provider which so far doesn't have a contribution, being packed out I don't have time to do it myself, if you've got time and you're able to have the module completed by next Friday (6th April 2007) please PM me and I'll send you the info. There's no need to get the installation material etc ready by then but the module needs to work ;) The payment processor is very similar to something like WorldPay and I don't mind the WorldPay contribution being edited if you desire. TIA Tim
  12. timgaunt

    Google Analytics module

    I've sorted this thanks, it turns out the previous developer hadn't setup the IPN callback correctly.
  13. timgaunt

    Google Analytics module

    Hi, I'm using this with the PayPal IPN handler and have searched through the forums but cannot find a solution, basically whenever someone orders through PayPal they are followed upto the checkout page but then lost so within the e-commerce reports of Google we're loosing a values. It does however work fine with WorldPay. Any ideas would be gratefully received. Tim
  14. timgaunt

    WorldPay Checkout

    Hi, I've got the WorldPay 4.0 v1.9 module installed which seems to work fine in most cases but last night someone ordered and due to a server error they were not displayed the confirmation page. Now what I need to know is, is there anyway, knowing the transaction was fine and I have all the details sent to the server that I as the administrator can get that order showing up in my control panel? I don't know the user's password... TIA Tim
  15. timgaunt

    Identifying Contributions

    Visually it's somewhat appealing but there are massive issues with it form an accesibility POV and the HTML is just a plain mess I'm the developer, this isn't our first play with OSC but this installation is shocking Thanks I'll look through those. There's about 14,000 files, some images but most duplicates from where the previous developer was using a hit and miss approach, many of the credits have also been removed which is why I posted here :) We've certainly got somewhere to start, I was just hoping there was some simple module checker but oh well ;) That would be logical! Sadly however the previous developer didn't, we however have an CSV of the Extension installed including among other things the URL from which we got the contribution and a copy of the ZIP file just in case :) Thanks for your tips, we're basically binning what's there atm in favour of a clean install and new CSS/XHTML templates, I'll drop over a link when it's done if you're interested. Tim
  16. Hi, We've inherited an installation of OSCommerce from a previous developer who hasn't made any record of the (numerous) contributions he's installed. Many of which are no longer needed but is there anyway we can identify which he's installed? TIA Tim
  17. timgaunt

    Identifying Contributions

    That's a shame, the URL is www.florame.co.uk There's also an admin area which has access restriction so I'm guessing there's a module in there somewhere... So far I know they've got Ultimate SEO, Google Sitemaps, Sitemap Generator and WorldPay, I've worked out a few more too but the FSO is massively full of duplicated files it makes it difficult to work out what's going on.