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    bibleman reacted to burt in Wishlist ERROR! Attempt to send spam by accessing this script from another web site has been detected and blocked!   
    Comes from this addon:
    Uinstall that addon, it is useless.
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    bibleman reacted to bruyndoncx in Adds tax to total without even being logged in.   
    Sorry, can't help here , everything in our store is shown with tax always ...
    (we only sell online to consumers within the EU, so it is all with sales tax)
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    bibleman reacted to Jack_mcs in Easier Attributes   
    @@bibleman I'm sorry but I don't understand what you are saying about the  "No Thank You". There isn't a requirement for that in the basic attributes, that I can think of. Since I don't understand it, I can't really help with it with this addon. Although, it may help to know, if you have not noticed it, that the attribute selector is a multi-select list. So you can select all products in a category and add an attribute to all of them in one go. If you can provide more details on this, I will try again.
    Regarding the options list, my test shop here has 40 options. They all show in the list and the list scrolls so I can see them all. So all I can think is it is a php issue. What version of php are you using (you can see it in admin->Tools->Server Info)?
    Thanks for mentioning the broken link. It is a long-standing problem with addons. You have to create the support thread before the addon is uploaded or you won't have a link to the support thread. I did that for the instructions but forgot that language change. it will be in the next version but if you want it fixed now, change topic/ -easier_attributes to topic/410091-easier_attributes.
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    bibleman reacted to tgely in ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media   
    yes force cookie usage at admin->configuration->session section.