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  1. scottz29

    Recover Cart Sales

    This isn't a bug so I'm not sure that contrib applies to this. You can use the delete button in Customers > Orders in the regular osc admin panel to delete the "Pending" orders. I'm concerned that these "orders" show in the customer's "View the orders I have made" screen, and then can't do anything with it. I can delete them, but they can't, or even pay for them. Does this RCS contrib do anything with that by letting them view an incomplete order, and then finish up and pay for it? From a technical standpoint, what exactly does this contrib do? It looks like RCS assumes the items are still in the cart, which, in my experience, isn't always the case. Like I said, once I turn this over to my customer (who I'm doing the cart for), if I have to tell him he has to log in and clear out incomplete/unfinished orders all the time, he'll look at me funny. Give it a try. Add items, check out and get to the "Confirm order" button. Then clear your cart and go to My Account > View the orders I have made. You'll see the uncompleted order in a pending status, but can't do anything to it.
  2. scottz29

    Recover Cart Sales

    In testing my cart, I see this problem as well. If you get to the "Confirm Order" screen, at that point the order gets put into "Preparing (Paypal IPN)" status and saved in the database. If the customer doesn't pay, and then clears their cart, that order gets stuck in order purgatory, and shows in their order history. Over time, these incomplete orders can build up and litter a customer's database, confusing our poor shoppers. So, is there any way to filter those from a customer's "View the orders I have made" screen, or either allow them to continue on and pay for that cart, or delete that incomplete order? Currently they get stuck in that status and the customer can't do anything with them. This is okay for me since I can see abandoned carts, but from the customer's standpoint, it seems messy and counterintuitive to most shopping carts I have used in the past.
  3. scottz29

    Additional Images problem?

    I've been looking for an "additional images" contrib. Care to share this with the group? Or does someone know of one that exists? I can't find one...
  4. scottz29

    Paypal modules difference

    What's the difference between the "Paypal" and "Paypal IPN" modules in the standard install?