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  1. Lok like you have a problem with the TEMP folder link. Did you update that correctly in the proper php file? Check the manual for this.
  2. Hi, I have purchased a template for OSCommerce. When I use the template as is, any category link show all the products in the category, like in: http://boudey.net/cat/index.php?cPath=25 But in my site, the category links shows only the 4 first products (without page numbering for the rest of the products). http://grupomoravi.com/index.php?cPath=5 There should be more than 4 products shown there in thins link. Could anyone help me with that? Thanks.
  3. Did you read the manual that come with the contribution? If not, read it. If yes, re-read it. to begin with just download the COMPLETE text file which link is on the EP admin page. Open it in Excel as semi colon delimited and check how it looks like. MB
  4. Hi, I have been struggling with easy populate with respect to the management of languages. I use easy populate 2.7.6 When I upload the text file, the product are correctly created or updated, only 2 things occurs> 1. In 2 products, the first letter of the name is lost Like this one> http://grupomoravi.com/product_info.php?products_id=15 Should say PUERTO. 2. All product are uploaded tu language id 3, independantly if the field for name_1 or 2 or 3 is defined. So what happends in the website is that the categories in english (ID 1) are absent, only in the spanish (ID 2) version that is the default language. But in the database, all categories have languaje ID 3!!! And obviously, they (the categories) don t appear in the ADMIN section. Link t the website> http://grupomoravi.com/index.php?language=en What can I do? Thanks for your help. Michael
  5. I have a fairly simple need, that is to update the basic fields or categories of the products of my store, I mean the fields included in osCommerce 2.2 with XL files. Could someone point me to the proper version of easypopulate to choose from? I have been pretty overwhelmed by the number of versions with different number of files in the packages. Thanks much.