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  1. oliverm

    osC, Authorize.net error

    Are you using SIM or AIM?? That could be the reason, I am a newbie but I had a similar problem and it was because I was not using the right one.
  2. oliverm

    CVV v.1.24 for MS2 Help!!

    I have installed CVV v.1.24. Everything works fine for the customer, the CCV can be added and the pop up help page loads. The problem is when login to the Admin I dont see it on the order, I can see the remove button but no CCV number. Any ideas!!! Thank you
  3. oliverm

    Authorizenet Error!!!!!

    I have installed Authorize.net Consolidated v1.7b and my this my error: When I click on the confirm button after puting the credit card number I get a 500 Internal Server Error But the order gets sent to authorizenet and the card gets charged. I have checked and compared files but no luck, originally I had v1.7 installed. Please someone help!!!!!! Thank you
  4. oliverm

    Options as Images Contribution

    maz, I am not sure which files were altered. I know that the guy that I hire had a hard time making it work. I dont mind sharing the files and even better if you contribute to my cost. I would not like to pay again to install it in another site so lets do it. Regards, Oliver
  5. oliverm

    Options as Images Contribution

    I tried and could not do it. I had to pay somebody to do it for me. I agree that great contribution needs a major rewrite along with installation instructions. Sorry I can not help Oliver
  6. Lee, It did not work :( I will send you my updated categories.php Thanks again for your help
  7. Lee, I tried both of your sugestions but none of them :(
  8. MaxiDVD, I tried replacing the HTMLAREA folder but it did not work. The worst part is that if I disable the WYSIWYG Editor 1.6 option still nothing appears. Your sugestions are highly appreciated.
  9. MaxiDVD, I sent you a PM with my categories file. Thanks for your help.
  10. MaxiDVD, This is where I place the code for the categories.php And I did run the new sql by going to myphpdmin, select database, and click on sql, browse, and go Thanks for your help
  11. Help, I just installed 1.6.2 and this is my error. When I add a product I can work on the HTML WYSIWYG Box but when I click on preview it only shows xcxcxc And when I view the product on the catalog nothing appears. Please help. Thanks
  12. oliverm

    Options as Images

    Has anybody else sucessfully installed this contribution?????? I could't so I hire somebody and he is still triyng after a week. :(
  13. I love this contribution. Easy to install Enhance the look of the shop And makes my customers happy Thanks a million MaxiDVD :D Keep up the good work!
  14. oliverm

    Options as Images

    I'm still trying but just like "winner" I'm still a newbie. :? Any help or a how-to will be or great help specially for those of you that made it work
  15. oliverm

    Options as Images

    equilla, That's nice! Now that you got it working share with us how you did it. :D