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  1. well for some weird reason when I restore my Original html_output.php file I can access my shop and all thumbnails are now the way I wanted them (calculated size + frame). Great! Also the shop and everything seems to be working so do I need to modify the html_output file then, even if its working with the Original one?
  2. well I didnt seem to find the solutin in there but I went to the direct link I posted above for the first time (usually I just went to my cart) and it said permission denied etc..so now I created the thumbnails folder in /cart/ and set permssion to 777 and now it works..atleast it displays the picture I mean. I had created the thumbnail folder at /cart/images/ before..oh well you never learn lol but anyhow when I go to my cart the error message still occurs atleast Im seeing the banner now. I hope when you wrote that the solution has been described many times / can be found in the online instructions it doesnt cover the tep_draw_seperator() error or otherwise I must be blind. Since I wouldnt want to post the code on here as it would flood the whole thread I uploaded text versions of html_output and general file so if anybody could have a look and tell me where the problem is would be appreciated. http://www.tpstudios.streamlinenettrial.co...html_output.txt http://www.tpstudios.streamlinenettrial.co.uk/general.txt thanks
  3. also something I would like to add (didnt find an edit button for my previous post) is that if I go to my shop right now the top banner is showin up only as a red X and below comes the error message I posted above. Also I noticed the link to the banner image had changed to http://www.tpstudios.streamlinenettrial.co...850&h=116&page= is that a good or bad sign that imagemagic is included? lol Hope that helps to see what the problem is. thanks
  4. I bet this is a nice contribution. However when Im having difficulties installing it especially with the Install instructions at What I did was delete the whole code snippet where all 4 tep_image() are located and pasted the new code from the install instructions but then when I open up my shop I get a Do I have to replace all 4 tep_images? Or is it just the first one? Also if I uploaded the old html_output.php I can access the store again but if I upload an image the thumbnail is the same like it was when I didnt had image magic installed. There is no frame around the image nor the size is different. I tried playing with the Image configurations but nothing changed. My current Images settings look like this: I tried using some numbers at the Heights or wrote down zeros but no matter what I do the thumbnails just stay the way I define them as the option "calculate image size" doesnt seem to work here. Also the /thumbnails folder has not been created, I had to do it myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated!