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  1. manoes

    Discount Coupon

    Hello, I have the contribution credit_class_GV_DC_v5.03 instald on my shop and it is working fine, but i hope that somthing is posible: I want that a custommer can redeem an Discount Coupon just by clicking an link. So there is somewhere an banner and if the custommer is clicking on that banner he gets an discount. I have been testing this by sending the customer to the following url: http://www.manoes.nl/gv_redeem.php?gv_no=6a1e55 but i get an error notice: this code is not working, mabey someone else is using it. But the code 6a1e55 is good an can be used for unlimeted uses. What am i doing wrong, or isn't this posible and is the gv_redeem page only working with gift vouchers and not with discount coupons, and if that is the problem: how can i solve this? Hope someone can help me, but i need this to promote my shop. Daan
  2. Hi, Can anyone pleaseeeeeeeeeeee help me i stil have an problem with the calculation of the total price!! if i put in the configuration to show the products without tax it's al going oke, but when i show the prices with tax it isnt posible to use the coupons becouce the calculation of the total price is not good: Sub-Totaal: 80.00EUR Per post (berekend aan de hand van order totaal.): 4.50EUR Kortingsbonnen:ce63c7: 6.50EUR totaal btw in bestelling: (19%) 11.54EUR Totaal: 76.77EUR i'm already working for 3 days on this problem and can't get it fixt. Pleasy help me!!!!!!!!!!! Dani?l
  3. Hello Ian, This is an nice contribution, but i have one problem.... The calculation of the total price is not corect if i redeem an coupon. on the checkout confirmation page i see the following: Sub-Totaal: 82.76EUR shipping: 4.50EUR tax: (19%) 13.21EUR coupon:47274a: 5.00EUR Totaal: 81.50EUR the total here is81.50 but if i calculate it it has to be 82.26 tis is thesort order i have on the modules -> order total page: coupon 5 gift voucher 4 small order cost none shipping 2 Sub-Total 1 tax 3 Totaal 6 and this is what i fillt in on the coupon coupon Display Total true Sort Order 5 Include Shipping true Include Tax true Re-calculate Tax None Tax Class BTW hoog I have done it on evry way i can thinck, but watever i do the calculation of the total price is wrong when i redeem an coupon. Can you (or some one else) please help me with is it's driving me crasy :( One other quistion: discount_coupon_NC_v0.95 is that an complete other contribution or do i have to install that one to? I saw i is replacing a lot of the files of your contribution. Hope someone can help me Anne