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    kieran_mullen got a reaction from katapofatico in Something module writers need to do..   
    While I appreciate all the hard work people do to create modules for OScommerce, there are a couple of things I find are greatly lacking.
    1)Every add on should have a dedicated support thread automatically created and linked in the project details. (People of course are free to create ther own)
    2)There needs to be an email/rss update notification when something the oadd on gets changed or added
    3)Every add module which is its own option that can be selected within the control panel shoudl display the current version. That way once you get your notifcation email you know how old your install is.
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    kieran_mullen got a reaction from Equalizer in FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread   
    The last full version was posted in 2006 otherwise there have been patches. Now that it is 2010 can anyone release full version or tell us which fedex module we should go to. thank you!