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  1. Lufah


    Alright I just ended up taking the CCGV code out of the create_account file and that worked. Thanks Travis
  2. Lufah


    I did import the SQL into the database. The other parts that should be there (I think) are there in the admin panel. I'm also using the discount coupon on the store now and everything is working. I'm not sure how just this one part of the thing didn't happen. Should I try (backing up first of course) dumping the cgv fields from the database and re-importing the SQL? That is my first thought. Thanks again for the help. Travis
  3. Lufah


    I don't seem to have that in the My Store area. I must have messed something up in my install. I'll have to take a look and see if I can find it. Thanks for the help! It's much appreciated. Travis
  4. Lufah


    I would like to remove the CCGV stuff from the welcome email. I have it set to no amounts, but this still shows up in the email.... Congratulations, to make your first visit to our online shop a more rewarding experience we are sending you an e-Discount Coupon. Below are details of the Discount Coupon created just for you To use the coupon enter the redeem code which is during checkout while making a purchase How do I get that out of there? Thanks Travis
  5. Lufah


    Hello. I just installed this to my store. I do have several other contributions installed already so I had to edit all the files. Anyway the problem I have is that when you go to checkout you get this message... Parse error: parse error, unexpected $ in /home/cidermoo/public_html/osCommerce/catalog/checkout_shipping.php on line 482 The thing is there is no $ on that line. It's the last line of the file and it's.... <?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'application_bottom.php'); ?> Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Travis
  6. Lufah

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    I'm having problems with my invoice and packing slip. Everything else seems to work alright. This looks so much nicer than the standard invoices. I'm new to this kind of stuff so any help is very much appreciated. Thanks Travis