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  1. I have searched and searched and searched the forums for this answer. Please redirect me if there actually is an answer out there. I have found that others have asked it but they received no replies. So... I LOVE Easy Populate and QTPro; Fantastic contributions! Now, how to use EasyPopulate to upload products with multiple attributes? Specifically, I need to specify the quantity of each product and it's attributes. Ex: productA is a shirt with size and color attributes. How does one place a stock quantity for each combination (within Easy Populate) without having to create multiple products? This is possible with EP using a product with only one attribute. And it's possible using the admin panel with QTPro installed. It seems that many others would run across this problem of needing a quick import process under these conditions. Thanks so much in advance for any help, and I'd like to mention these forums are a wealth of knowledge -- and the free cart+contribs are amazing! -mark
  2. Unfortunately, it looks like the EP "Products Attributes Stock and price differnce update" only deals with multiple product attribute stock levels only after they have been added to OSC. It does not create, through import, a new product with multiple attributes and individual stock levels. How do store owners deal with the problem of uploading new products with multiple attributes and stock quantities? -- such as when a manufacturer sends a monster data file and it contains new products such as those I've mentioned above. It'd be nice not to manually have to go through the long list of items each hour to see if new items are listed; there must be a way to just import them on the fly with the correct stock quantity for each product attribute combination. Nossum, dAbserver, or anyone else, do you have a solution for this? Or is there a forum thread that deals with this, I couldn't find any. -thanks
  3. Good point on the limit of Excel columns, I hadn't thought of that. Would you speak more to your quote above? I'm interested in the details of this. -thanks
  4. Interesting, that may be what I'm looking for -- thanks! I'll try it out. By the way, I was under the impression that subsequent versions of a contribution contain all the previous versions. I guess this is not the case? -since I have a more recent version of EP than the "Products Attributes Stock and price differnce update".
  5. Easy Populate is a great tool, but there seems to be a shortcoming when dealing with inventory of products having multiple attributes -- even with the QTPro switch turned on. How does one specify in the tab-delimited csv file (on one row w/o having to create multiple products/ids/rows): Product: Shirt , colorAttribute: Red , sizeAttribute: Medium , stock level: 2 Product: Shirt , colorAttribute: Red , sizeAttribute: Large , stock level: 4 Product: Shirt , colorAttribute: Blue , sizeAttribute: Medium , stock level: 3 Product: Shirt , colorAttribute: Blue , sizeAttribute: Large , stock level: 5 ...where one attribute value is unique, or changes, with every stock level. Many Thanks! You'll be solving a huge problem if there is a solution. I'm surprised others have not had this problem? I haven't been able to find it in these forums.
  6. I've actually found out that QTPro works with later versions of Easy Populate, but apparently only with products that have single attributes. How may QTPro be used with EP if a store catalog contains products with multiple attributes?
  7. Alex, thanks for all the info you've supplied in these forums. I've been searching for many answers and have run across a few of your posts. So, I have a question for you. I've activated support for QTF (in Easy Populate) and it seems like it works fine for products with single attributes. How may I use Easy Populate + QTF for products that have multiple attributes? The v_attribute_values_stock_x_y is not populated for products with multiple attribs, and I'm not sure how this would work. Ex: product 1 has different sizes and colors - size: Small color: Black, size: Small color: White, etc. How to differentiate between the different attributes of the same product from within the csv file? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks! :thumbsup:
  8. MarkMan

    USPS handling fee as a percentage?

    Thanks enigma1, I'm also in need of a percentage for handling costs. The code just seemed to add a couple more cents onto the dollar amount of handling. Ex: handling is set at 5 (or 5%), then the shipping is increased five dollars and some cents. For future reference, there were a couple of syntax errors in the code, maybe my edits whacked it? -thanks for checking it out! $final_cost = ($cost + MODULE_SHIPPING_USPS_HANDLING) * $shipping_num_boxes; $final_cost = floatval($final_cost) + (floatval($final_cost)*2)/100; $methods[] = array('id' => $type, 'title' => ((isset($this->types[$type])) ? $this->types[$type] : $type), 'cost' => strval($final_cost));
  9. I've searched and searched for an answer to using QTPro with Easy Populate and am hoping someone can give a definitive answer/solution to the oft asked question: Can Easy Populate be used with QTPro? Currently, when I use EP to import products, the 'track stock' option of QTPro is turned off -- presumably because there is no way to input separate stock levels for each attribute of a product. Therefore, EP effectively disables QTPro. Is there another contribution to pull these two great contribs together? (EasyPopulate and QT Pro) I found a response that says there's a way to use them together but there are no details: http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?sho...41entry606341 Many thanks in advance; I'm stuck at a critical point in developing a shopping site.
  10. I had a similar problem. The instructions in the EasyPopulate_Manual are incomplete. You must follow the directions in the 1readmeFIRST.txt file.
  11. I searched this topic thinking it's probably be in here, apologies if I missed it... Is it possible to have EP overwrite a DB rather than just append/insert? I'd like to automatically update the complete inventory with a complete product list. Sometimes a product will be discontinued and the supplier won't include it in the data drop, so I don't know if something needs to be removed/inactivated or not. It would be so nice to just have it overwrite the complete DB. I know this will cause problems with customer's previous orders, but is a DB overwrite possible with EP? thanks!