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    I am an opera singer and an alto baroque recorder player, I recently started taking an interest in studying the clarinet as well, more precisely Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in A, K622.

    I am also a self taught artisan jewellery maker since 2006.

    I take a great interest in all things related to coding and always take pleasure in trying to make changes to my osC shop. The learning curve is steep and I therefore often make mistakes. I will never thank enough my developer whose intervention on my shop has been, and still is, outstanding.

    I believe I am not allowed to promote a particular developer, but if you browse my site you'll soon figure out who that is. ;)

    ~ viam supervadet vadens ~

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  1. windows 8.1 system restore positively sucks....beware!

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    2. joli1811


      Wonder if we will ever see an XP Classic LOL

    3. MrPhil


      I dread what crap will show up in Win9 (as well as bloated hardware requirements). I'm upgrading my WinXP box to Debian and when Win7 support drops, that one too. Actually, Win7 was pretty nice.

    4. Biancoblu


      I don't know what will come with Win9 but I hope it'll be better than Win8.1!

      System restore completely messed up my machine, had to call the techie and he had no alternative but to format the computer and do a clean re-install of Win8.1!!! grrrrrr!!

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