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  1. I installed this contrib 4 weeks ago and it works ok, all the 3 XML index files are generated correctly and I uploaded my sitemapindex.XML 4 weeks ago as well. Google downloads my sitemapindex.xml daily and gives an OK each day, but has never crawled my site so far and my error log of my host does not show any errorr for the Google bots either. Is it normal that it can take so long for Google to index a new site? Or should I upload all the 3 XML files, so including the sitemapcategories.xml and sitemapproducts.xml ? Regards, Albert
  2. Hi Brian, That solves it, thanks! I also found out that adding a '/' after 'public_html' in my configure.php also solves the problem. I'm not sure which solution is the best one. I guess that I should adjust the configure.php, because else everybody using the GoogleXML sitemap would have had the same problem as I had. Do you agree? Thanks, Albert
  3. I installed GoogleXMLsitemap 1.3 (default), as I also use Chemo's Ultimate SEO. Running of the googlesitemap/index.php gives no errors but my dummy XML files in my catloag directory (root: public_html) are not overwritten (CHMOD 777). Funny thing is that one level higher than my public_html directory the folowing 3 XML's files are written. public_htmlsitemapcategories.xml public_htmlsitemapindex.xml public_htmlsitemapproducts.xml I could not find anything on this forum about this, but it seems that there is a '/' missing in the filepath during writing, but where should I change this. Regards, Albert