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    Hmmm! It seems further tests have shown that the mod rewrite function with IONOS is not functioning/can’t get it to work on their server. Thanks very much to Andrei’s dedicated work in tracking this down. It seems I’m now left with the choice of having to choose another hosting company to host on my own with. Can anyone please provide any hosts that you have successfully installed and run OSC4 on? Thank you, Lorraine
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    If you install this on XAMPP for windows, you have to manually add the symlinks for the demo shops. To do this start a cmd.exe session with administrator privileges. Go tot the directory where you have oscommerce installed (in my example "c:\xampp\htdocs\catalog") then add the following commands mklink -D watch c:\xampp\htdocs\catalog mklink -D furniture c:\xampp\htdocs\catalog mklink -D printshop c:\xampp\htdocs\catalog mklink -D b2b-supermarket c:\xampp\htdocs\catalog
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    Issue resolved. error was related to V4 looking for a database table in osc 2.2 which never existed in my environment. to get pass this error I simply had to create an empty tables in osc 2.2 : CREATE TABLE products_images ( id int NOT NULL auto_increment, products_id int NOT NULL, image varchar(64), htmlcontent text, sort_order int NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id)); Thank you @Oscommerce for quick support.
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    Which Version do I have?

    If I recall correctly, the version number wasn't changed between the first three. It was changed in the last, or close to last, of the CE version. So, if the version in includes/version.php has CE in it, you have the last version before Phoenix, possibly the Frozen version. The only way to know for sure, as far as I know, is to compare the files with the originals.
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    We are discussing in email thread
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    if above mklink gives an error use : mklink /D watch c:\xampp\htdocs\catalog mklink /D furniture c:\xampp\htdocs\catalog mklink /D printshop c:\xampp\htdocs\catalog mklink /D b2b-supermarket c:\xampp\htdocs\catalog
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    Why so complicated

    Hi, I have been running a couple of OSC 2.3.4 stores for around 12 years and have been very happy with the system, but they are running on php 6.x which must have a limited lifespan now. So decided to have a look at the new revamped OSC 4 and have installed it locally on an xampp system The front end looks good - But what the hell! the admin side is so complex - like something from a software developers frenzied nightmare...... For example. previously I could add products on a single page - but now there are 11 tabbed pages for each product - I have no idea what some of the things are that I am being asked to enter. The same applies to adding a new category. I have no idea after a couple of days looking on how to add category menus or even if drop down or slide out category menus are possible. Maybe I'm missing something somewhere - but it all seems to be over complex and trying to include every possible field that a shop owner could want. Is there anywhere that I could gain enlightenment, as a simple shop owner, to work this system?
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    Ivan Holbi

    Why so complicated

    Hi Ken, Regarding adding products please see the link below. https://wiki.oscommerce.com/index.php?title=Managing_Products Regarding Fill in Contact Information for the "Contact on web site" please see the screenshots below. Regarding Create Sales Tax only for the State of Ohio in the USA please create the tax zone for this state, then create a tax class and finally create and assign the tax rate to these tax zone and tax class. Please see the link below how to do it. Also please make sure this tax rate is assigned to all the products. https://wiki.oscommerce.com/index.php?title=Managing_Taxes Best regards, Ivan
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    What is "allowed for"

    That's likely the customer groups, B2b
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    <span style="color: #000000;"> 995 Carbine 9mm</span> or <font color="black"> 995 Carbine 9mm </font> or you search directly for the css formatting for this section
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    Thank You, Indeed the plain text tab of the email was empty. However, I also had to disable "Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails" in Settings - Configuration - E-Mail Options for it to send in the plain text version. as the HTML version is still adding in all the data as shown above. Thanks
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    Can't get database migrated

    Thanks for your suggestions. They all sounds good and we are going to implement them. The delay is related to the caching of the sent data (most likely you have fpm caching). The only thing that can be done is to mark the beginning of the operation.
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    Please try going to Design and CMS / Email Templates There you will find "Credit amount notification" email template. It looks like it may be missing the "text" part, and uses the HTML content instead.
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    A large part of the team is in Ukraine. Between bombardments and power cuts, it's not always easy for them to be able to respond quickly.
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    i need gallery image popup app in oscommerce 4.8 version please help me
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    Answer. i have 100% working fine this answer . plese follwing steps. 1. go to banner manager setting 2 . you have create multiple banner on same banner group name. ex: i attache screen shot below. 3. select banner widget choose carousal 4. you display the carousel slider .
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    The translation into Slovenian is almost finished. Minor fixes and testing are still needed.
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    Popup's not loading

    Resolved: a new installation was necessary with PHP8.0 because all the request were sent thro HTTP instead of HTTPS and the server blocked everything. Thank you!