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  1. Jack_mcs

    View Counter

    A new version has been updated with these changes: Added countries to the country blocking list to account for differences in names. Added many entries to the hacker checking code. See notes below. Added cross-scripting to the extras .htaccess file. Changed the trap code since it could give false results under rare conditions. Changed the Good IP list setting to a textarea. Changed code to prevent some php notices. Changed code for the IP Details dialog. Should always return the details now. Changed the javascript popup code for checking if an IP is in a cidr to use the messagestack. Changed the .htaccess writing code to properly handle the deny surrounding statements. Changed the .htaccess writing code to use the servers setenv mod for blocking domain names. Changed the IP count on the Monitor page to also show counts for bots and admin. Changed the IP In CIDR button to Check Status. It now checks more places for blocked IP's, though not as many as in the Pro version. Corrected code that prevented hacker code checking in some cases. Corrected code to return correct responses for all bans. Fixed the code for syncing the .htaccess file and database to prevent duplicate entries. Made a number of minor changes for speed improvement. Moved the hacker checking code that was in two files to one file. PRO VERSION ONLY: Added a Security Test in Tools. Added a Similar IP's report. Allows moving single blocked IP's into CIDR's. Added a table of Amazon IP's and an option to allow blocking them. Added a table of good bot IP's (currently only googles) and an option to skip them so they are not accidentally blocked. Added a cron script to backup the banned and ignored IP's. Added cross-checking of blocked IP's between Honey Pot and View Counter. Added a search by IP to the banned log page. Changed the Banned log to record the count of attempts by an IP. Changed the IP In CIDR button to Check Status. It now checks if the entered IP is blocked or ignored in any way. Corrected typos in the database only blocking code. Improved the email tracking code. Improved the Hosts blocking code. NOTES: 1 - The Pro version contains many more features and security checks than the free version. It now also communicates with Honey Pot to increase protection. Contact me for a package price for the Pro versions or if you have any questions about what is available. 2 - The Extra directory has an .htaccess that has code to help prevent attacks. It needs to be merged with the existing one. It is not a direct replacement. This is not part of View Counter and is useful for any site. 3 - The Extra directory has a large robots.txt file. If used, be sure to change the two places where the domain is mentioned. If you do not have an XML sitemap for your shop, which is a mistake, be sure to delete the second line mentioning the domain name. 4 - I strongly suggest you install the Custom Server Error Pages addon. Besides adding error pages which many sites don't have, View Counter shows the failures and uses the failed attempts to block hackers. You will be surprised, at least I was, of the number of attempts the hackers make. 5 - If you use any of the following in the shop, the includes/modules/view_counter_hacker_defines.php file will need to be edited to remove it. ads.txt assetlinks.json used to check apps may give false positives Fortinet humans.txt leafhacker an app. Not used but may cause false positives. phpmyadmin webfig Wordpress within the shop (unlikely).
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  2. zachris

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    First I tried categories, then taxes. Same error.
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  3. Word of warning, some of the fields in standard tables are much smaller than standard osCommerce. For instance moving orders data over customers_email_address is defined as varchar(96). If you get a failure in data porting check the sizing.
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  4. That is amazing, it works beautifully. I just needed to add https:// Thanks, I'll get on with testing
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  5. Sure, thanks for reminding us, updated the Documentation section of osCommerce.com
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