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  1. ejsolutions

    osCommerce v4 demo

    For some strange reason, the developers want a 'phone chat in order to even see the demo! (Nobody here hard-of-hearing or deaf?) I'm interested in seeing what resources are required to run a small to mid-size store. What is the underlying code like, in terms of tweaks and customisation, to suit client needs? How about just releasing the 'alpha'/'beta' software, so that some of us with a strong osC background can properly see the progress and perhaps even make useful suggestions? I've tried out various e-commerce packages in a fruitless attempt to update my few though loyal clients. So far, there's only been one or two "close but no cigar" candidates. There tends to be shortcomings in them all but it's a question of what one can compromise with. Without actually trying the software, there's no real way to tell and no amount of screenshots/YT videos will really get to core issues. TLDR: release the code - even if only to a select group.
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  2. sackling

    osCommerce v4 demo

    Thanks so much for the demo today, I really appreciate you taking the time to show it off. I saw some really nice features that would certainly be considered enterprise or at the very least, require a lot of add-ons/apps and customization to achieve with some of the more popular ecom cart platforms out there right now. multiple storefronts, multi-currency, full multi language (checkout pages too, looking at you shopify), different pricing per currency/customer - all of those features are either required or highly wanted from a platform but I was not able to find anything that seemed as robust (maybe Magento has this but it is a much bigger beast). That being said I still am very curious to see how things run in reality, especially when loaded with many SKUs/attributes. How quickly it is able to run on a shop with approximately 100,000 SKUS will ultimately be very important to me. I look forward to having the actual code to play with and test.
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  3. Ashley, osCommerve v4 comes heavily SEOed, at least in terms of on-site SEO. It is possible to set default template for URLs, titles, descriptions, image ALTs, and some other parameters for products, categories, landing pages, and some of the system pages too. Then, it is possible to override the said properties for any particular entity, if required. It is also possible to add SEO redirects from old URLs to new, thus helping customers who found an old indexed URL in Google or elsewhere to the new product page.
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