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  2. Moving the county state up = success May look into that to move some of the text blocks to their normal place for US addresses.
  3. Hi Andy Got the file modified no trouble but this is not clicking - Default the toggle switch to yes- Hide the entire consent row so it is no longer visible- Enable the "create" button by default so the customer can click it ! sorry
  4. Hi Fernando, that sounds like something is out of date, or will need updating very soon. Google Tools... it may be the captcha so you could try disabling to see if the error goes away, the we will know if that is the issue and can move forward from there. I know that there were a lot of modules and dependency updates in the latest version. Have you updated to the latest version (4.12.56860) ? You can check this on ADMIN -> App Shop ->System Update If you have the latest version, then I may need to defer this to the OSC specialists...
  5. Today
  6. Hi Ken, To move that field up on the form you will need to move the block of code for displaying the county immediately before the block of code displaying the town. So in the same file we have just been editing (<your install dir> /lib/frontend/themes/basic/boxes/login/register.tpl) Move lines 220->229 inclusive and insert at line 210 From: To Note: If you make the above change it will mess things up if, in furure, you enable "suburb" field or the "country" field so you will need revisit this file to move the fields around again. Basically, look at the "<div class="col-right"> and <div class="col-right">" blocks that are wrapped in the conditional statements, these should alternate Have fun!
  7. Hi Ken, I don't think there is a nice easy toggle switch to remove the consent option, however you can tinker with the template to achieve the desired result. When you have the changes tested, be sure to keep a copy of the file as a future update may overwrite it. Basically what we need to do is: - Default the toggle switch to yes - Hide the entire consent row so it is no longer visible - Enable the "create" button by default so the customer can click it ! So with this plan in mind, we need to make 3 small changes to the template file. The file is located at <your install dir> /lib/frontend/themes/basic/boxes/login/register.tpl You might want to take a backup copy of the file before we make these changes, although I can always send a fresh one to you... The bit we are interested in starts at line 260 -> 267 in the latest version (4.12) and currently looks like this: 1) On line 262: We need to change the 'checked' => false to 'checked' => true , so the whole line will read as follows: {Html::activeCheckbox($registerModel, 'terms', ['class' => 'terms-conditions', 'value' => '1', 'label' => '', 'checked' => true])}{$smarty.const.TEXT_TERMS_CONDITIONS} 2) On line 260: Add a style="display: none;" to the privacy-row class. (We could do this in the theme, but since we are editing the template... ) The edited row should read as follows: <div class="col-full privacy-row" style="display: none;"> 3) On line 266, remove the 'disabled-area' class which is responsible for disabling the "create" button when first displayed. The edited line will be as follows: <button class="btn-2" type="submit">{$smarty.const.CREATE}</button> 4) SAVE your template changes and test... With the above changes there will be some Javascript code which is no longer needed and could be deleted but its not hurting anything.... If we were implementing this properly we would wrap each of these changes in a conditional statement, and also the Javascript, then define a system configuration value to toggle the changes on and off depending on user preference, but that's for the advanced class... Hopefully that achieves part of your request. Let me know how you get on.
  8. We are friday today
  9. You could contact UPS as mentioned as ask them.
  10. I have looked, but no success. This is in create new account Really getting close to a live web site but therr are a dozen or so little things to clean up, thais is one of them. actually two Raise the conntry block up in line with others Thank you Ken
  11. A problem solved! This configuration was correct, what was wrongly selected was the default channel in the rest of the channels. thank you very much
  12. I mean these two fields for your active sales channel:
  13. Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property common\components\GoogleTools::$provider is deprecated in /srv/vhost/karavaca.com/home/html/lib/common/components/GoogleTools.php on line 51Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /srv/vhost/karavaca.com/home/html/lib/common/components/GoogleTools.php:51) in /srv/vhost/karavaca.com/home/html/lib/frontend/controllers/IndexController.php on line 290
  14. No, the .htaccess is the original
  15. Yesterday
  16. sorry Ken, Did not get back quick enough. Have been snowed under recently. I try to help but sorry that I could not get back. Normally I get a notification if I get a reply but not been getting them. Thank go for Andy, a true gent....
  17. So, you have one active sales channel? Edit it and check that Default sales channel is switched on and Country field is not empty
  18. No, the sales channels are all good, only the sample ones are off. try registering at https://karavaca.com/foto/
  19. It seems you deleted all sales channels (Admin->Sales channels)? You have to leave at least one sales channel to configure the frontend.
  20. this issue is still unresolved! I already solved this from the Bd, since the admin did not work! Thank you
  21. You turned on Store Page Parse Time option into Admin->Settings->Configuration->Logging but did change Log Destination file and it's name is incorrect in your site. Just turn off Store Page Parse Time or change Log Destination to correct file name.
  22. So essentially there is no viable interface for UPS for OsCommerce at the present time beyond UPSXML for which no one can get a key. OR do you have directions for obtaining a key?
  23. I'm pretty sure you can't. When trying to get one from UPS, they display this page. As mentioned, contacting them might provide a solution. There is a UPS module for V4 but it is broke too. A post in this thread says they will provide an update to fix it.
  24. Fixed it'self, no idea , any way that part is good. The server site is in the midst of change, could have been somthing with that, painfully slow as well.
  25. I don't have anything like that? I can move categories but I don't have any pages in a list?
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