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  3. RESOLVED @pandrei For whatever reason, and for others following this topic, I have the report INSTALLED as well as the other one I mentioned "Report Compare". What I did - 1. I undeployed the "Report Compare". 2. I then redeployed it. 3. After it deployed not only did the "Report Compare" appear in the report menu BUT so did the "Product Deficit" report. My supposition is that the "Local storage" portion of the App Shop was not being read correctly with the deployed status. That supposition may bear investigation after the upgrade to 4.14. So @pandrei I want to thank you again for all of your assistance not to mention your patience BJ
  4. Some bottom margin is required here between the Captcha and Password Forgotten Link:
  5. Hi. I developed a new online payment module and don't know how to upload and install at admin side. Your tutorial have no any info about it Tutorial page (Adding Free Module from Admin Area) A code of module implements the install() method to insert a initial constants into db, so I will have to install it by initiatiating system installation of modules Help me ASAP, please!
  6. Hi Can you please update me on this ! As we are trying to move on to new oscommerce ASAP but these issues making it impossible. Thanks
  7. Last week
  8. @pandrei What your graphic showed doesn't appear with (manually updated). I did however, follow the steps indicated... Although it had previously been selected, I deselected, reselected and then Saved NO Joy... BJ
  9. yes uploaded this file and error fixed Thanks a lot ! But its not working as expected like when I tried to make connection showing : Error while establishing connection: Assertion: string(common\helpers\Status) has not method string(isComplitedGroup) Also in Mapping settings
  10. Go to the Managers->Members and take a look at your account entry. If there is a prefix "(manually updated)" in the Group column, it means you have overriden the permissions for your account: Then select your account entry, wait for the right panel to refresh, click Override Permissions button, find and select Product with deficit option and click Save button
  11. I "think" I followed the indicated steps. Although there was a check mark in the box for the desired report(s) I deselected it, saved, then reselected it and saved again. NO Joy. Although the image shows many reports NOT all are enabled. I took a shot and enabling "Report Compare" and it does not show in the Reports menu either. I have disabled it. Should the module be undeployed and re-deployed? Any other suggestions? BJ
  12. It seems your rights are turned off for this report. It may happen if you selected the appropriate option during report installation. Click Change access level button (or go to Managers->Access levels menu), then click Edit button, find and select Report Product Deficit option and click Save button.
  13. I am uncertain if this is in the correct posting category but since it deals with an Add-on I thought this category was better than Design and Templates. Apologies if it is in the wrong category. Having said that - I recently performed an update of the database from an OSC 2.3 store into OSC 4.14. Since I am aware that the imported file would have DEPLETED on hand stock levels in the OSC v4 store I wanted to run a report (Report Product Deficit) which I had installed prior to the import but had never activated. I activated it but I don't see it under reports. Looking at the module installation info it indicates that it should be in "Reports" and entitled "Report Product Deficit". I have activated the report (see image) yet it does not show under the Report Section as it should. What did I do wrong? BJ
  14. Thanks. Copy the attached file to lib/common/helpers/ArrayHelperEx.php ArrayHelperEx.php
  15. Andrei seems to have fixed it (thanks for the quick service!). He said that the products were assigned to the "Furniture" channel which is why I didn't see them. I recall trying the Furniture theme when everything disappeared from my custom theme (and also "Watch" theme, which it's loosely based on) but I'm sure I switched back to my custom theme. Maybe I ended up switching sales channels, too? So, I'm still not sure exactly how it happened, but maybe this information will be useful to someone who runs into a similar situation. There is both a <custom> sales channel and a <custom> theme for it.
  16. They do... BUT it worked and it is completed - Thank you @pandrei BJ
  17. Could you send me the log files in PM? (Admin->Settings->Tools->Error log viewer->Download all logs)
  18. So apparently this may have been caused when I recently updated some apps. The advice is to always check the theme function after installing/updating apps and if issues, remove then reinstall the apps. I’d also add that clearing and flushing the cache after may also be needed. Good to know! Lorraine
  19. Now permissions 777 but still not working
  20. Totally fixed! Andrei looked at the logs and I just needed to remove and reinstall Subscrbers. All working as before again, Grateful thanks again to the wonderful Andrei. How do these things happen? Lorraine
  21. But now they have a different permissions. Also you have to give write permission for tmp and log folders inside OscLink directory
  22. If you have a lot of themes that you have created and no longer working on, delete them.
  23. All themes or only one theme ? Is the location of your admin folder still the same as before you had the problem?
  24. Has this suddenly happened to anyone else? In the theme, if I press on the edit pencil nothing happens. If I press on Widgets in the menu it just keeps spinning and never displays. As a result I can no longer use Widgets or edit existing ones. This just seemed to happen overnight. Nothing I've done seems to help: Change network, log out/log in, clear cache etc., restart it has just stopped working, I do need this fixed ASAP can someone help please? Thank you, Lorraine
  25. Files are of same size but still not working
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