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"Buy Now, Pay Later" with new PayPal for new osCommerce
December 13, 2022
Upgrade PayPal module and osCommerce to offer Buy Now, Pay Later feature to customers. Click here to learn more... ...
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osCommerce 4.08 release and Connecting to the App Shop
December 09, 2022
osCommerce 4.08 release notes, including how to connect to the App Shop if you were not able to do it before ...
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osCommerce 4.07 release
October 26, 2022
osCommerce 4.07 release notes  ...
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FREE osCommerce Design Webinar
October 18, 2022
osCommerce is looking to have a Webinar to demonstrate how to modify existing and create new designs. All interested parties, businesses, designers, and developers, are welcome to indicate their interest to participate by commenting on this post in our Forums: https://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/497631-webinar-oscommerce-design/ See you online soon! ...
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osCommerce Apps - free until 1/1/23
October 13, 2022
While the osCommerce team are working hard on adding apps to the App Shop, we have decided to make ALL available osCommerce-made applications free in the App Shop until the 1st of January 2023.  You're welcome to download any app via the App shop, and use it to build your own osCommerce site or such for your client. Your feedback is highly appreciated.  With best wishes, osCommerce team ...
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osCommerce 4.05 release
September 21, 2022
osCommerce 4.05 has been released! Read more to find out how to upgrade to the latest version and what has changed ...
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Hybrid Ecommerce
August 16, 2022
osCommerce brings a new type of Ecommerce platform to the market - a so called Hybrid Ecommerce. So what is Hybrid Ecommerce? We see it to be the best of both worlds - an open source (and free) Ecommerce solution that is also hosted as if it was SaaS (or EaaS - Ecommerce as a Service). This means users (businesses and developers) do not need to worry about hosting requirements and at the same time have full access to the source code and can change or implement any custom features, integrations, etc. Of course, it is always possible to host osCommerce on your own server! It is just so much easier (and quite likely more cost effective!) to use osCommerce's own hosting solutions.  Hybrid Ecommerce from osCommerce Users can choose to have osCommerce installed for free on one of our servers to try osCommerce before use.  Once satisfied with its features, speed, robustness - they can choose to move to a paid osCommerce hosting account or to download and use osCommerce site on their own server. Move to an osCommerce-managed server is done automatically. Server environment is optimised for osCommerce, allowing it to give the best performance. It is also managed and upgraded with the latest server software. Most importantly, osCommerce installation can be automatically updated to the latest version of osCommerce (and Applications) as well. Any customisations, done right, will stay but all the standard modules and the core of osCommerce will be regularly updated, bringing fixes, changes, new features. Full FTP and mySQL access are offered to businesses and developers should they require such.   ...
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osCommerce 4.03 release
August 16, 2022
osCommerce 4.03 has been released. Read more about what's new in the latest version of popular open source free shopping cart! ...
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osCommerce 4.02 release
August 09, 2022
osCommerce 4.02 release, update notes, download instructions ...
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osCommerce 4.01 release
August 04, 2022
osCommerce 4.01 is available from https://www.oscommerce.com   Changes are available from osCommerce Wiki:  https://wiki.oscommerce.com/index.php?title=Change_Log We will continue working on fixing issues and adding features, osCommerce will be regularly developed and updated. ...

osCommerce at the Internet World Messe 2005

osCommerce will be present for the first time at this years Internet World Messe 2005 convention in München, Germany. 

The Internet World Messe is a two day event that focuses on e-commerce, online marketing, paid content services, frontend and usability issues, and customer relations topics, and will be held at the first class Dorint Bayerpost Hotel in München on the 25th and 26th of October 2005.

Björn Negelmann from [n:sight] Market & Technology Research has invited osCommerce team members to showcase the osCommerce project at the event and to present two talks regarding the project.

The schedule for our talks is as follows:

25th – Technology Trends
The different concepts of commercial and Open Source e-commerce solutions
Speaker: Raphael Vullriede (German Forum Moderator)

25th – Successful Online Shops
Best practices and the demands of successful online shops
Speaker: Stefan Fritsche (German Forum Moderator)

Harald Ponce de Leon (Project Founder and Leader) and Henri Schmidhuber (German Forum Moderator) will also be present at the event.

Special attendance prices are available for the osCommerce community, and are as follows:

Early Bird Tickets (until 30-Sept-2005):
1 Day Ticket: 390,- Euro (from 490,- Euro)
2 Day Ticket: 490,- Euro (from 790,- Euro)

Normal Tickets (after 01-Oct-2005):
1 Day Ticket: 490,- Euro (from 590,- Euro)
2 Day Ticket: 590,- Euro (from 890,- Euro)

To take advantage of the special attendance prices, please use the following code on the signup page at the Internet World Messe website:


For more information about the event, please visit:


The most actual program information can be found here:


A public meeting after the event will also be organized - more information about this will be provided soon.

This announcement can be discussed at the community support forum at: