Sage Pay Server

Sage Pay Server

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This module allows integrating Opayo payment gateway to your online store.
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  • osc app
  • PHP version
  • 7.4.x
  • osCommerce version
  • 4.0 or newer
  • Additional PHP libs
  • NO
  • Module dependences
  • Depended
  • 3d party services
  • NO
  • Additional requirements
  • NO
Opayo (formerly SagePay) is an online payment processor operated by parent company Elavon. Opayo offers invoices, in-person, online and telephone payments for businesses, and has fraud screening tools to ensure secure transactions.
Opayo makes it easy for your customers to shop with one click while making online payments.

The settings of the module allow you:

- to use vendor login name to connect to the Opayo gateway
- to use account login and password to get transaction details
- to use profile payment page (normal or low)
- to choose the processing method to be used for each transaction (authenticate, deferred
  or payment)
- to perform transactions on the production server or on the testing server (live, test or
  simulator modes)
- to use 3 options for T3M verification:
·         Info - ignore if not available instantly;
·         Optional - check for updates for up to 3 days;
·         Required - do not accept transactions if none t3m info available.

- to save tokens
- to enable Opayo payments for the selected zone
- to set order status and sort order of Opayo payments display
- to save order before payment
- to skip 3D secure verification when paid by token on orders below certain amount

Using the other functionalities of this module it is possible to configure visibility on different pages.

You can restrict usage of Opayo payments for the required customer groups.

Also, the geography of applying for all these settings in relation to different countries can be determined together with the possibility of translation to the required language.


This module is used in the backend and on the front end and its settings can be found under Modules and Payment tabs.

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