PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

We've worked in close collaboration with PayPal to not only bring you updated PayPal payment modules but have also bundled all PayPal modules, including Log In with PayPal, into a single App package. This allows for an even tighter integration with osCommerce Online Merchant to enhance both sellers and buyers experiences with PayPal.

App Package

All PayPal modules bundled into one App package with tighter integration into osCommerce Online Merchant.

API Retrieval

Automatically self-configures with the retrieval of PayPal account API Credentials.

Online Updates

New App version notifications with one-click automatic online update feature.

Order Management

Capture full or partial authorizations, and refund full or partial transactions from the order administration page.

API Logging

Log all parameters sent in and received from API transactions and inspect problem transactions.

PayPal Balance

PayPal balance shown on the Administration Dashboard with new App version update notifications.