Become an osCommerce Ambassador for life!

The osCommerce Ambassador program is a membership for those interested in supporting and advocating osCommerce, and promoting ones profile in the community. What started out as a monthly and yearly subscription as part of the Community Sponsorship program, is now a lifetime membership as an Ambassador.

All previous Community Sponsorship members who have subscribed for 12 months or more have automatically been upgraded to Ambassadors, for free, for love, for life! ♥

osCommerce Ambassador

49€* lifetime!

Hi! We can't wait to see you as an Ambassador!

Become an Ambassador ♥

* German residents will be additionally charged 19% tax (MwSt.).

Highlighted community profile
Promote uploaded Apps in Apps Marketplace profile
Promote websites in Live Sites Showcase
One website per Ambassador level
View commercial inquiries on the forum
Accept client feedback and reviews on the forum
Lowered search flood protection on the forum
Increased Personal Message storage in forum
Access to the Ambassadors forum channel
Gift membership to another person (coming soon)
Multiple membership levels with more perks (coming soon)

Our newest Ambassadors

What payment methods are accepted?

Payments are securely processed with Braintree - all major card payments and PayPal are accepted.

All major cards and PayPal are accepted

What happens after payment is made?

After payment has been made, your user account is immediately upgraded to the Ambassador group level. This takes affect immediately on our forums however may take up to 24 hours to appear as an Ambassador throughout our websites.

An invoice for the purchase will be available within a few minutes. An e-mail will be sent out as soon as the invoice has been added to your account area.

Lifetime is a long time!

Indeed it is. We've been here for over 18 years and with dedicated members, customers, and partners in our community, have outgrown our previous monthly and yearly Community Sponsorship subscription plans. This is our gift to you, for life, for continuing to support us all of these years.

As lifetime is a long time, we'll strive to always provide the same - and even better - benefits when our websites and services are updated in the future. The terms and conditions of the Ambassador membership can be read here.