CE Phoenix v1.0.7.0

29th May 2020 by Gary Burton

CE Phoenix v1.0.7.0

This 1.0.7.x line of releases will introduce a number of improvements mainly shop side, designed to enable the ethos of no core code changes for developers which in turn means easier to install addons.

Thank you to everyone who made v1.0.7.0 possible - to Phoenix Club members who have given lots of advice and direction and especially to PRO Supporters for their time and monetary help.

The development line

The development line bringing us to v1.0.7.0 mainly consisted of minor cosmetic adjustments along with standardisation of HTML and Listener Names, as well as placing many more pre-placed hook listeners ready for easy-to-install addons.

Easy Updates

Easy update zip and instructions are provided in the Phoenix Club for every minor and major update. Going from version to version could not be easier and you are supported by the core coders.

Phoenix needs you

Just as your business is dependent on Phoenix, Phoenix is dependent on you. Have your say at the Phoenix Club; help us make a better today...don't wait for a perfect tomorrow.

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