CE Phoenix v1.0.6.0

6th May 2020 by Gary Burton

CE Phoenix v1.0.6.0

This line of releases introduces a number of improvements in the core code, designed to enable the ethos of no core code changes for developers which in turn means easier to install addons.

Selected Highlights


  • Customer Data Modules


  • Introduce GDPR Modules
  • Updated Gallery Module
  • Notification Modules
  • Advert Manager


  • Preparation for Switchable Templates


  • Page Selection Class
  • Introduce "pi" layouts


  • Updated Category Module


  • Update Admin MessageStack
  • New Admin Menu


  • Completion of bootstrapped Admin

In addition, across these releases;

  • more bootstrapping of admin pages
  • minor bugfixes

Thank you to everyone who made v1.0.6.0 possible - to Phoenix Club members who have given lots of advice and direction, and especially to PRO Supporters for their time and monetary help.

Easy Updates

Easy update zip and instructions are provided in the Phoenix Club for every minor and major update. Going from version to version could not be easier.

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