Community Sponsorship

The Community Sponsorship is an all round wellness package with something in it for everyone. What started out as a way for community members to thank us for our work has been extended to highlight community profiles, live shop entries, and to view and reply to commercial inquiries posted on the forum.

Pricing starts from 10 € / Month and includes:

Community Sponsorship

Highlighted community profile
View and reply to commercial inquiries on the forum
Accept client feedback and reviews on the forum
Start personal chats in the Live Chat room
Lowered search flood protection on the forum
Increased Personal Message Storage


1 Month 10 €
3 Months 20 €
6 Months 30 €
12 Months 50 €
All prices are in Euro. German residents will be additionally charged 19% tax (MwSt.). Payments are one time and are not in a subscription plan.


Community Sponsorships are managed through our forum and are linked to community profiles to keep track of the sponsorship duration.

A free community profile is required.

Become a Community Sponsor!