Issue #28: May 28, 2003
28th May 2003 by Harald Ponce de Leon

By Harald Ponce de Leon

May 28, 2003

2.2 Milestone 2 Progress
My Account Proposal Realization
Search Added To Contributions

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2.2 Milestone 2 Progress

osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 will be released within a week with all Milestone 2 workboard entries finalized.

A new entry has been added to the Milestone path with Milestone 2 having a security audit for both Catalog and Administration Tool modules.

Normally before a release is made, standards updates are made to the source code to make sure the logic flow is consistent and optimized. For the Milestone 2 release, special attention will be given to both server side and client side security-related issues when the standards updates occur.

My Account Proposal Realization

The My Account Proposal discussed in the Developers forum has been realized and is now complete in CVS.

The work involved was commited last week to the CVS repository, with two bugs being corrected yesterday.

Search Added To Contributions

Searching capabilities have been added to the Contributions section.

It is possible to search in the contribution title, description, author name, and email address.

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