Preview Release 1.1

17th May 2000 by Harald Ponce de Leon

The long awaited Preview Release 1.1 has been finally made available to download! This release marks an important step in the development of this project, while being an update to the orginal release, it is also the base for future stable releases.

Getting confused over the versioning of this project? The release versions are named depending on how the release is structured, database wise. Here is a summary:

Preview Release 1.x - All 1.x releases will be compatible to the same database design that was instroduced in Preview Release 1.0. Later versions include updates, bugfixes, and introductions to new functions.

Preview Release 2.x - The 2.x releases will be 'development releases', coming straight from the CVS. Now you dont have to wait for a stable release to try out new functions that are implemented. The 2.x releases will expand on 1.x, making it incompatible to the original database design.

Preview Release 3 - This release will be the next stable release, generally being used for testing for a complete and stable v1.0 of this project.

Preview Release 1.1 will start the 2.x branch, a CVS server to accomodate the changes will be online very soon. If your interested in contributing to the project, E-Mail Harald for more information.

A list of updates can be found on the changelog [offline]. The updated Administration Tool will be made available to download on the coming weekend.

Over the next couple of days, updates will be made to the support site to handle the ever growing community support. If any errors occur while you are viewing our pages, please report/E-Mail them here.

Any questions regarding our services and operation are welcome.

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