osCommerce Website Relaunch

9th November 2012 by Harald Ponce de Leon

We're excited to announce the relaunch of our main website now powered by the new framework behind the development version of osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0! And we're even more excited to announce we've released the source code of the new website as Open Source and is available on GitHub!

The new website is built with the new template engine functionality currently in development for v3.0. This is a fully functional testbed to work out the shortcomings of the current template engine implementation to improve on for the production-ready v3.1 release and to introduce CMS features for not only building an online store but a whole website platform.

Although the source code of our website is obviously custom and tailored to our needs, a general website creation tool will also be available in v3.1 to help you get started to build on.

This is the start of moving our websites to the new platform and will soon start migrating the Add-Ons and Live Shops sites with the help of the community. Yes - these sites will also be released as Open Source and will also be available on GitHub!

We're also looking forward to planning and working on new sites with the community including new Documentation and Language Translation sites. All Open Source and all on GitHub!

If we're asking for your trust in using our Open Source products for your online business then it's only fair to trust you with ours.

Feedback and discussions on the development of our new website platform can be found at:


The actual source code can be found at:


And as always, our website can be found at:


We also thank the community for their positive feedback provided so far!

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