What is MailBeez? And why does it make me money?

MailBeez runs inside your oscommerce 2.2 / 2.3 Store and continously contacts your customers – while you are leaning back, watch TV or play with your kids.

Once set up the system runs automatically and the crazy Beez are just flying out on a daily basis trying to bring back your old valuable customers offering personalised coupons, ask recent customers for giving a review, etc…

You got the idea, right?

Based on Beez-Modules you can built your own sequence of automatic emails.

A Sequence that matches to your store, your products and your kind of customers. (in short: your marketplace)

Each module is an additional brick to build your automatic email marketing machine. Like Lego.

Adopt the included email templates to make them your own, configure the conditions for each module, run simulations and finally set everything on auto-pilot in production mode. (that part of the story requires some handling of FTP and HTML coding)

Lean back and watch the customers coming in, writing tons of product reviews (SEO! conversion!) and placing their orders (Google Analytics track them, and MailBeez Analytics as well – if you have configured it to do so).

The Beez-O-Graph, Google Analytics Integration and other cool dashboard widgets give you a summary what is happening.

Play around with the free modules (you can add more – just click the Version-Check Button on the dashboard) to see how everything works.


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