The extensible BeezDesk CRM helps you to improve both your understanding about your customers and your customer service by giving you a customer centric view in your osCommerce store.

The free BeezDesk CRM Customer Insight view gives you an immediate overview of all orders, products purchased, etc and can be upgraded towards a fully featured professional multichannel ticket system supporting

  • email - unlimited accounts
  • live chat - unlimited sites
  • Facebook - unlimited pages
  • Twitter - unlimited accounts
  • Phonecalls - requires twillio
  • Web Forms - unlimited number
  • Knowledge base - unlimited structure
  • forums - unlimited number
  • suggestion boards - unlimited number

and more high-end features like

  • Departments - unlimited number
  • Reporting
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • SLA - Service Level Agreements
  • Automation Rules

for a real integrated multichannel customer support solution:

Example: While chatting with a customer through the live chat feature in your storefront you have direct access to all customer data (orders, products, coupons, reviews etc.) right from within the chat interface. This helps you to get an immediate understanding about the customer, its buying behaviour and history. You can even see the content of the customers shopping cart.
The Chat history will be - like any other communication through one of the supported channels - accessible form within the oscommerce admin area when working on orders or customer data!

This powerful approach allows store owners to consolidate their communication channels and streamline their customer support.

Better customer service, more revenue, less work.


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